Gold – Ukulele Earrings with Black Pearls


Gold – Plated Ukulele Earrings

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These Gold – plated Ukulele Earrings are made in Hawaii, and embody the Aloha we feel for this beloved instrument.
Freshwater black pearls are placed intentionally as the ukulele hole, where your unique sound comes from.
A four-pronged headstock sits at the top of each piece, an authentic representation of our special companion.
Available in both silver and gold-plated wire to match any taste and skin tone. 
Purchase them for yourself, or for a loved one who loves Ukulele, and the spirit of our islands.
Designed by Taimane and handcrafted in Hawaii by Lehualani Jewelry.
@taimanegardner @lehualani_jewelry
Photo: @talesoflightphotography